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CONSIDERING that Youth constitute about two-third of the total population of the African continent;
RECALLING that African Leaders met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2009 and declared 2009-2018 the “African Youth Decade” and resolved to mobilize resources for youth employment;
INSPIRED by the innovative actions being taken by youths across countries in Africa in promoting health and sustainable development;
OBSERVED that many countries in Africa lag behind in meeting internationally agreed developmental targets;
NOTED that the youths are the future of society, the product of its evolution, the preserver of its values and the ones to live out the consequences of its current condition
CONVINCED of the need to utilize the huge youthful population as valuable resources to drive sustainable development in Africa;
GUIDED by our common vision of a healthy and developed Africa and by the need for synergy among young people through partnerships and collaborations in order to make more positive impact;

A group of young Africans decided to establish AfrYPoD!

AfrYPoD envisions an African society that prioritizes health and sustainable development through active participation of young people as valuable resources.

To build a strong network of individuals and youth-focused organisations in Africa that promote, lead and/or support the implementation of the recommendations of ICPD Program of Action, ICPD+5 Review, ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Consultations and other internationally agreed conventions that promote health, development and universally acceptable human rights in an efficient, sustainable and acceptable manner across countries in Africa.

a) Promote integration of population issues into national development plans by African countries.
b) Inspire and support government initiatives aimed at encouraging girl child education and economic empowerment of women in Africa.
c) Bring youth development strategies to the field of adolescent sexual health; and sexual reproductive health strategies to the field of youth development, through innovative approaches to advocacy, behavior change communication, capacity building and other activities.
d) Advocate for the enactment and effective implementation of policies that promote sexual and reproductive health and rights especially of women and adolescents.
e) Promote respect for the human rights of all migrants, displaced persons and refugees of and in Africa.
f) Implement research activities to highlight development gaps, propose innovative solutions, and demonstrate impact of development programmes in Africa.
g) Provide platforms for networking, partnership, and collaboration among African youth organizations in promoting development in the continent.

Guiding Principles
The Initiative shall function in accordance with the following principles;
a) Innovation, Integrity, Excellence
b) Partnership, Collaboration and Liaison with governments, The African Union and regional bodies, the United Nations and its System, Non-Governmental Organizations and any such corporate bodies that share AfrYPoD’s ideals
c) Non-discrimination on the basis of gender, culture, race, ethnicity or religion.
d) Promotion of Good Governance and Social Justice
e) Non-interference in internal affairs of Affiliate Organizations